Where can you find me?

Currently, I primarily teach private classes both in-person and virtually. In addition, I offer a library of recorded classes and have a couple of Studios I teach at around the valley. I am planning a retreat in 2022, dates and location are to be determined.

Who can utilize my services?

I have found that my demographic is mostly women from the ages of 25 through 80 of age. That said, I would not turn anyone away who is interested in practicing yoga or receiving specialized services within the scope of my practice.  

Can I still utilize your services if I have not experienced trauma?

Yes, my services are geared toward anyone willing and open to learning more about themselves and their body-mind connection.

Do you need to have yoga experience to practice yoga?

No. Yoga meets you where you are and as long as you have checked with your doctor prior to starting any health and wellness regimen and are cleared to proceed, you are good to go. 

How are your services different than a “standard” yoga class/practice?

Prior to any Embodied Practice or Therapeutic Coaching, you will complete a questionnaire about your history, the reasons you are currently seeking services and the outcomes you are hoping to achieve. We will then work together to create an individualized and unique plan specific to your needs. Sessions may include: breathwork, yoga postures and movement, guided visualization, Yoga Nidra, coaching/counseling

What may I expect after working with you?

As with any inward work on ourselves, it may feel a little intense before feeling better. Sometimes as you begin to connect to sensations in the body and understand the connection between your sensations and the thoughts you may be having around those sensations, the energy begins to shift. As you begin to increase the window of tolerance, the body begins to soften into the experience as opposed to resisting it.